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Illustration Exchange offers easy access to a growing collection of sermon illustrations that are fresh, relevant and practical. The site is updated daily with new submissions from the staff and our contributing members. If you'd like to join our active community, please take a minute to read more about our membership options below.


After a free 30-day trial, subscribers pay as little as $7.49 per month for access. If you enjoy your trial period and wish to continue, simply do nothing and your membership will renew automatically. If you find our site's not for you, you may cancel at any time. As a special bonus, subscribers receive a free digital copy of Dr. Mitchell Dillon's "Beyond Earthbound Dreams" just for signing up!

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In general, contributors are writers who upload illustrations to our site from their own books, articles, blogs, etc. Contributors receive 30 days access to our site in exchange for each approved submission. We recommend the contributor membership for those who've accumulated a large body of work that they would like to share, or for those who'd like to promote their published materials.

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